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  1. Barbara MacInnis says:

    Do you have gluten free breakfast choices?

  2. Paul says:

    Sorry you didn’t have a menu updated. If you had I would have come for breakfast.

    • johnhech says:

      Well, you can now come!!! There is a menu up now. So many extra things to do for a business these days, who knew?

  3. Jess says:

    Do you have strawberries?

    • johnhech says:

      Hey Jess, today I do! The fruit changes daily, other than bananas, depending on what looks good and what’s in season. For today I have Fresh Strawberries that I can serve with a Creme Anglaise…and you can add Nutella too! :-)

  4. Lilithy says:

    Congrats for the new place. Do you have with Banana and
    Dulce de Leche?

    • John Hech says:

      We do! We call it Creme Anglaise, but they are pretty much identical…and usually use it with Strawberries, but can definitely do it with Bananas…so thanks for the idea! And come in soon ;-)

  5. megphilibin says:

    What are your hours? None are listed…

    • John Hech says:

      hey…ugh I thought they were. Dustin! Need to update the page!! :-)

      7am to 7pm Monday through Friday
      9am to 4pm on Saturdays

      We’ll expand hours as things develop!

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